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Helping Institutional Investors Find Low-Risk High-Impact Investments

Values-aligned companies

Faith-based stewardship

Growth stage companies

How to Capitalize on Emerging Markets, Create Jobs, & Reduce Poverty

Lower Risk Funds

Faith-Based Investments

Increased Stewardship Opportunities

Risk-Adjusted Triple-Bottom-Line Investments

We know how difficult it is to find investments that are making a spiritual AND social impact. The truth is that many faith-based institutions are making a real difference!


  • Are you interested in your investments leaving a lasting impact?

  • Do you feel like the cost of due diligence is overburdening your institution?

  • Did you know you might be missing out on opportunities in emerging markets?

  • Do you want your funds to have a spiritual, social, and economic return?

  • Are you looking for lower-risk, higher-impact opportunities?

Our Partners

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How to Make a Global Impact + a Financial Return


a Call

Let our team better understand your financial and impact goals, so we can help you achieve them!

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Invest in

Values-Aligned High-Growth Companies 

We source wonderful companies, conduct thorough due diligence, and advise their leadership through their growth.

Make a

Global Impact

Make an impact by creating jobs, providing economic stability & fostering entrepreneurial growth. 

How to Capitalize on Emerging Markets, Create Jobs, & Reduce Poverty

Holder for the Virtual Round Table here.

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