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16,848 jobs are now being supported through Talanton!

Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

Matthew 25:21

Here is a picture of Jeannette Uwimana, one of these transformed lives.

Jeannette Uwimana, Masaka Creamery employee and first person with a disability to enter the Miss Rwanda contest. She won the “Most Innovative Project” award!

Since Jeannette was a young girl in primary school, she dreamed of joining the pageant, but couldn’t envision a Deaf person doing so. Her colleagues, family and friends encouraged her to enter this year’s pageant – and she was accepted! She started auditions and was a bit scared, yet told herself that she had to continue, because even with a disability, she was able and that all people with disabilities are able. Her competing and winning “Miss Innovation” has had a very deep impact on Masaka employees and many others with disabilities.

Thanks to our supporters, in just over two years and during Covid, Talanton has invested in nine businesses in four East African countries to provide employment so many thousands of people can help lift themselves out of poverty. Plus, there are significant impacts on their families and communities.

Your prayers and financial support will enable us to invest in additional businesses from our robust pipeline in order to create and support many more good jobs.

Together, we can bring Hope and transform more lives. Lives like Jeannette’s.

  • Impact Metrics - Four Unique Ways that We Measure Job Creation

  • Charts: Employment Growth in Talanton Portfolio

  • Financial Update

  • Pipeline Opportunities

  • Highlights and Achievements

  • Photo Gallery

  • Network of Strategic Impact & Service Providers

  • Profiles of Nine Businesses in Four East African Countries

  • 2021 YE Employment Metrics for Each Business

  • Highlights and Key Activity for Each Business

Please contact us to learn how together, we can create jobs and bring Hope to thousands of God’s children in need. We hope that you and your families are healthy and safe. God’s blessings, David and the Talanton Team P.S. Talanton’s next investment cycle closes on June 30. You can join the growing community committed to bringing Hope and transforming lives across East Africa. Please contact us to explore how to use a donor-advised fund to invest, to donate, or if you are a qualified client investor.

Together ... We Can Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives


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