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Press Release: Talanton Leads $1 Million in Funding for Africa's First Running Shoe Company

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- By investing in values-aligned, high-impact, high-growth businesses, Talanton's mission is to create jobs in East Africa to help people lift themselves out of desperate poverty and bring them Hope.

Navalayo Osembo, CEO & Co-Founder of Enda, is the 3rd Place Winner out of 12,000 applicants across all 54 African nations at Africa's Business Heroes 2021 Awards.

Proud Kenyan runners showcasing their support of Enda.

Talanton, a private U.S. based impact investment fund, made the decision to invest in Enda after the Kenyan founded and Kenyan led business met Talanton's strict investment requirements and passed rigorous due diligence processes. Based on anticipated achievements of financial, spiritual and social impacts, Talanton led this $1.1 million Series A funding round to also include several Kenyan angel impact investors.

"We are thrilled about this investment," said Iris Wen, a partner at Talanton. Enda is perfectly aligned with our mission of investing in companies that create high-quality jobs, especially in places where these jobs have the most impact by creating opportunity and reducing poverty. That they're able to do this while satisfying customers around the world means they're poised for growth and making a real difference in the world."

With this investment, Enda aspires to be a top high-performance running shoe brand by further expanding its product lines and distribution, thus also creating more jobs and achieving positive social and spiritual impacts.

"We've been working hard to fulfill orders as thousands of people around the world are discovering our shoes. It is an exciting time for our company," said Enda co-founder and CEO Navalayo Osembo. This is our moment to invest in further growth and help even more people "Run Kenyan" in 2022."

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Talanton is a values-driven private impact investment fund that believes creating jobs through businesses is the best way to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Visit Talanton's website at to learn how together, we can create jobs, bring Hope and transform many thousands of lives in East Africa.

Enda is the first shoe brand proudly made in Kenya. The brand helps you "Run Kenyan" while you give back to the country. The shoes are designed to give you the most from each workout and see your running improve consistently. The bottom line - Enda shoes are built for dancing on any terrain.


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