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What do all entrepreneurs have in common?

“Master, he said, you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See I have gained five more. His master replied, “Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”  Matt. 25: 20-21

Meet Tharcis, a Burundian coffee farmer

Tharcis has been farming coffee since he was 20 years old, right through the devastating Hutu/Tutsi war that shook the region. He had two daughters that died and a son that he lost touch with. Tharcis has 300 coffee trees, which earned him about $16 per year by selling to commodity-grade companies. Now that Tharcis works with Long Miles Coffee, he benefits from a closer washing station to receive his specialty grade coffee, gets paid on time, at higher premiums and receives monetary bonuses. He has tripled his yield and doubled his price per pound!  After adding all of the monetary benefits together he now is taking home $300 per year. 

At Talanton, we know all entrepreneurs want to lead thriving businesses. We seek to support entrepreneurs like Ben Carlson of Long Miles Coffee who aspire to grow their businesses by treating all people with Godly justice – positive working relationships, a good wage, and demonstration of the holistic gospel. In that way, entrepreneurs like Tharcis and Long Miles’ 5,200 other smallholder farmers can also be on pathways leading to thriving businesses.   

Gallup’s biggest discovery

“What the whole world wants is a good job. That is one of the single biggest discoveries Gallup has ever made.” – Jim Clifton Gallup Chairman and CEO

“Credibility and Analytics”- two words that may come to mind when you think of Gallup. They have gathered influential data for over 80 years, from 160 countries, and their World Poll represents 99% of the world’s population. When a firm like this says a good job is what the whole world wants, then we know our work at Talanton is vital! Our vision is to help create and support tens of thousands of jobs and equip 25+ small to medium enterprises like Long Miles Coffee by 2025 – would you consider joining us in this? 

What’s your story?

Did you found or have you been a part of a rapidly growing company during your career? Did the business have access to financing that helped it grow and create 50,100 or more jobs? These are experiences that successful entrepreneurs can relate to! When you support Talanton, your financing is helping provide that same opportunity for an entrepreneur in a similar position in Africa. The entrepreneurs we work with want to create jobs, help lift people out of poverty and grow a thriving business, just like you.

If you would like a Talanton Partner to get in touch with you, share your story or learn more about providing opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa to grow their businesses, click the link below. 

Prayer request 

Please pray for Ben Carlson and the Long Miles team to be able to reach thousands of more coffee farmers like Tharcis. May Christ’s love shine through and bring Shalom.

God’s Blessings, David and The Talanton Team

Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives

P.S. Do you know anyone with a passion for tackling poverty and injustice in the developing world? If so, please forward this note and introduce them to Talanton. Together we can help create thousands of good jobs and spread the holistic gospel of Christ. Thanks!


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