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Wow! Duncan’s Before & After Transformation

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Duncan’s Amazing Transformation

Before Kentegra After Kentegra

Duncan and his family lived in this mud house. The family’s new concrete block home.

Duncan Njoroge, a maize farmer, and his family lived in poverty in a mud house for many years in Eburru Village in Kenya. Since becoming a smallholder chrysanthemum farmer for Kentegra Biotechnology Holdings, a Talanton supported business, Duncan has been able to build this new home with a water tank for his family - and feed, dress and educate his children. He’s praising God!

There are 10,000 farmers like Duncan, plus their families and communities, whose lives have been transformed since Kentegra.

Watch this 3-minute 360° Virtual Reality Video created by Talanton to hear Duncan share his transformation story.

You Can Yield a Triple Bottom Line Return – And Help Transform Lives Like Duncan’s

Investing in job-creating businesses in low-income countries is the best way to combat poverty in the world.

On your behalf, we invest in faith-driven, growth-stage businesses with annual revenues of $500k - $5MM in these countries to create jobs, bring Hope and transform lives. Through Talanton, you can yield a triple bottom line return: financial, spiritual and social impacts.

Talanton is recognized for our thorough due diligence processes, and commitment to strict standards and business parameters to identify strong investment opportunities. We have developed a healthy demand-pull investment pipeline and this exciting deal-flow requires additional funding to move forward.

What makes Talanton unique? Our commitment to support active portfolio companies beyond the initial financial investment. We meet regularly with company leaders/management teams for prayer and to provide encouragement and business support. We are on the boards or are advisors for all our clients and have established meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, our expertise and shared values. We believe this to be a blessing and our ongoing responsibility.

With your backing and God’s grace, Talanton will continue to invest in faith-driven businesses to create and support many thousands of good jobs, helping to lift people like Duncan out of poverty, and bring Hope to their families and communities In Christ’s name.

Duncan Njoroge, Chrysanthemum (Pyrethrum) Farmer

10,000 Farmers’ Lives Including Duncan’s

Have Been Transformed Since Becoming Farmers for Kentegra

Kentegra's State-of-the-Art

Processing Plant

Shipping Pyrethrum to Create an

Effective Organic Pesticide

Please prayerfully consider the financial, spiritual and social impacts that you can create for “the least of these” through Talanton.

Have a blessed Christmas,

David and the Talanton Team

P.S. Whether you are already working through Talanton or are new to us, your financial and prayer support can enable us to move forward with our strong investment pipeline to permanently transform many thousands of lives by God’s grace.

To learn more, please contact me directly or visit our new website.

Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives


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