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Talanton's New Investment - Transforming 12 Million Lives & the Environment!

Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

Matthew 25:21

Thanks to our supporters, Talanton has invested in two additional high-impact, growth-stage businesses plus reinvested in two portfolio businesses! One of these new investments currently employs 1,000 employees - more than 50% are women.

We are excited that many thousands of jobs are being added and supported through Talanton to bring Hope and transform employee’s and farmer’s lives, plus those of their families and communities.

Talanton’s portfolio now includes eleven investments in four East African countries! This Quarterly Briefing will share news about two new investments, plus two follow-on investments to businesses in Talanton’s portfolio.

We have now deployed/committed almost 90% of the capital entrusted to us and are prayerfully seeking additional funds to invest more quickly in those businesses in our robust pipeline. The need to create more jobs to help people lift themselves out of poverty is urgent. We are ever thankful for your ongoing prayers and support.

You may be shocked at the dangerous and unhealthy way that many Sub-Saharan families cook — and how Burn cookstoves are saving their lives and forests. Watch this life-changing 2:54 video now.

Burn Manufacturing’s goal is for all families to have clean, safe and affordable cooking solutions, replacing stones and pots in East Africa and beyond.

“Before I started using Jikokoa, my children would cough, get headaches and get dizzy because of the smoke. Since I started using the Jikokoa, we no longer have these health problems. With the Jikokoa I can cook inside our home without worrying about my family getting ill.”

Ruth O. Jikokoa Classic Product User

Talanton’s investment in Burn Manufacturing is literally saving lives. Traditional cooking methods using stones and pots is hard, inefficient, and unsafe. Changing to a Burn cookstove dramatically reduces harmful smoke emissions that can cause significant health problems and sometimes death. In addition, Burn has transformed more than 12 million lives by significantly reducing total household fuel consumption costs, improved environmental outcomes by reducing wood consumption by more than 6 million tons, and reduced carbon emissions by more than 11MM +CO2e (the number of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions with the same global warming potential as one metric ton of another greenhouse gas.)

Burn produces a new stove every 13 seconds in its 50,000 square foot facility in Kenya. Of its current 1,000 employees, more than 50% are women. Burn also indirectly employs numerous other workers through its large distribution network. And all of these job numbers are projected to grow significantly. Click here to continue reading about Burn and more ...

  • Executive Summary

  • Financial Update

  • Pipeline Opportunities

  • Burn Manufacturing - New November Investment!

  • Pezesha - New October Investment!

  • Talanton Portfolio Follow-On Investments - Two Follow-On Investments!

  • Highlights and Achievements - Best Christian Workplaces 2022 Certification!

  • Talanton Investment Portfolio

  • Network of Strategic Impact & Service Providers

  • Profiles of Eleven Businesses in Four East African Countries

  • Employment Growth Charts since 2019 Inception

  • Highlights and Key Activity Updates for Each Business

Please contact us to learn how together, we can create jobs and bring Hope to thousands of God’s children in need. We hope that you and your families are healthy, safe and enjoying the blessings of this Christmas season! God’s blessings, David and the Talanton Team P.S. Talanton’s next investment cycle closes on January 1, 2023. You can join the growing community committed to bringing Hope and transforming lives across East Africa. Please contact us to explore how to use a donor-advised fund to invest, to donate, or if you are a qualified client investor.

Together ... We Can Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives


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