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From Action to Hope: Talanton's Vibrant Path in East Africa Continues!

Since early 2020, Kentegra Biotechnology, with its remarkable history of exceptional growth and positive impact, has been a valued addition to our portfolio, courtesy of Talanton's investors! Recently we provided an additional short-term investment to facilitate the onboarding of a significant new institutional investor. This larger investor is committed to expanding Kentegra, creating jobs, and transforming lives for employees and smallholder farmers who cultivate pyrethrum flowers, a key ingredient in Kentegra's globally sought-after organic pesticide. Jon Halverson, a Talanton partner, has lent expertise on Kentegra's Board and Finance Committee, contributing to governance enhancements. Alongside our four previous investments, this collaboration enabled Kentegra's management team to achieve twelvefold revenue growth, averaging an impressive 128% annually over the past three years, as shown in the charts below.

Beyond statistics, we've encountered inspiring personal stories, like Beatrice W. G., who used her pyrethrum earnings to build a new cement block home for her family in 2021.

Thanks to the Talanton investor community for walking alongside Kentegra, and farmers like Beatrice, for the last four years. Click here to enjoy a 360 degree view of Kentegra and the see the amazing work that’s being done by their nearly 10,000 farmers! We pray that together we can help Kentegra create and support thousands more jobs in the years to come — bringing people a brighter future as the Hope of Christ transforms their lives Read more about our active portfolio and watch your email announcing our newest investments!

Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives


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