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Impact Update - Masaka Creamery

Well done good and faithful servant.  

You have been faithful with a few things;  

I will put you in charge of many things.

                              Matthew 25:21

As we enter the new year, we're thrilled to bring you the latest from Masaka Creamery, a beacon of innovation and faith in “serving the least of these.”  (Matthew 25:40). 


Led by the dynamic Jon Porter and Luke Lundberg, Masaka Creamery is not just redefining the East African dairy landscape with exceptional yogurt and butter but is also pioneering social change. The Creamery proudly employs a majority-Deaf staff, demonstrating a profound commitment to empowering the Deaf community, and making Masaka’s founder’s dream a reality. 


Discover more about Masaka's unique approach and their extraordinary year in this inspiring 2 minute video.  


Last year was monumental for Masaka Creamery: a new plant, a fresh brand, and record sales. But the heart of their success lies in their deep love and dedication to their employees. 

Thank you for supporting Masaka Creamery’s journey. Your continued engagement helps us create meaningful impact and promote the God-given value of each person. 


God's blessings,

David and the Talanton Team


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