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Impact Update - PRI Spotlight

Well done good and faithful servant.  

You have been faithful with a few things;  

I will put you in charge of many things.

                              Matthew 25:21

We're excited to spotlight Power Resources International (PRI), one of our incredibly inspiring portfolio companies. 

PRI, under the leadership of visionary CEO Ray Power, has undergone exponential growth, evolving into a beacon of positive impact in the mining sector. Their commitment to ethical practices, safe mining, and community development has yielded remarkable outcomes, reflected in a significant increase in revenues and jobs.


Discover more about PRI's journey in growth and impact on the community in this 3 min video.

Gain unique insights into the company's dedication to safe mining practices, conflict-free materials, and environmental stewardship.  Learn more about how they are impacting the lives of over 680 artisanal miners in the full interview here.

Thank you for being part of PRI's extraordinary journey. Your continued support propels us toward creating a brighter and sustainable future for communities and the mining industry alike. 


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