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Is It Vital to Care About People in the Supply Chain?

A farmer and follower of Christ at Kentegra’s Harvest Festival in Kenya

“Everyone is created in the image of God and worthy of respect, worthy of dignity.” Jon Halverson Talanton Partner

We are grateful to C12 for capturing Talanton’s story of impact through this powerful video. C12 developed the video for its curriculum in May. It was part of the educational content at all C12 Business Forums across the nation. The video shares:

  • Why it’s important – and strategic – to care for farmers and suppliers as true partners.

  • The impact of Talanton ministering to Kentegra, then Kentegra ministering to its farmers.

  • Talanton’s mission in East Africa to achieve eternal return.

500 farmers enjoying Kentegra’s Harvest Festival and Celebration in 2022

Talanton’s mission is to help people in developing countries lift themselves out of desperate poverty through good jobs and Hope.

Employment growth in the Talanton portfolio since its inception in 2019 has grown to more than 15,000 farmers and direct suppliers, plus full-time employees and part-time workers.

“It’s the closest thing to a full-time job many of these farmers have ever had. We’re seeing life change.”

Brian McKenzie Kentegra CEO

That’s the power of the Gospel in action.

God’s blessings,

David and the Talanton Team

P.S. Talanton’s next investment cycle closes on June 30. Please consider joining the growing community committed to bringing Hope and transforming lives across East Africa. Contact us to explore how to use a donor-advised fund to invest, to donate, or if you are a qualified client investor.

What is C12?

C12 is not a business bible study or a Christian business networking group. It’s an architected environment for business, life, and leadership transformation. Designed exclusively for Christian CEOs and executives, the C12 format helps members calibrate the entirety of their business by providing a framework and format to evaluate and align to the focus areas in C12’s signature 5-Point Alignment Matrix: revenue generation, operations management, financial management, organizational development, and ministry in and through the business. Currently, C12 has approximately 3,000 members.

David Simms, Talanton Managing Partner/Founder and Jon Halverson, Talanton Partner are both C12 Members.

Kentegra Biotechnology, a Talanton Portfolio Investment:

Kentegra produces pyrethrum from chrysanthemum flowers for use as an organic pesticide.

Create Jobs • Bring Hope • Transform Lives


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