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Talanton's Community Helping to Transform 12,264 Lives!

We are excited to announce two new faith-driven, high-impact, high-growth businesses to the Talanton investment portfolio!

Our latest investments - a Kenya-based running shoe company and an impact-focused pharmaceutical global distribution business.

Talanton has added eight new investments in four East African countries since mid-2019 and during Covid, currently supporting 232 students, 692 full-time employees, 835 part-time/seasonal/contract workers, and 10,505 farmers. We are grateful for the prayers and financial support that have made this possible.

Additional capital will allow us to invest in more values-aligned, growth-stage businesses. Together, we can create jobs, bring Hope and help people lift themselves out of desperate poverty.

Financial Update

Talanton currently has $11.7MM in committed capital. While we are on track to achieve our $12.5MM year-end goal, we are raising our sights to raise $15MM, allowing us to invest more quickly in additional companies in the pipeline and support many more jobs—and lives.

We appreciate Talanton's repeat and new investors/donors who believe in and support our mission.

TWO New Job-Creating Investments!

After conducting thorough due diligence and building deep relationships with leadership teams, we are pleased to announce the following new additions to the Talanton portfolio:

Enda currently employs more than 47 full-time and contract workers. It is the only black-led running shoe company in existence.

ENDA, which means “Go” in Swahili, is the first made-in-Kenya running shoe in the global market and the only black-led running shoe company in existence. The company is Kenyan founded, Kenyan led and has a majority Kenyan investment. The Enda team works with Kenyan athletes to make shoes for runners around the world.

Watch this CNN Feature Video about Enda to learn more about this exciting business!

OWP’s commitment is to “Do good and be good.”

OWP Pharmaceuticals (OWP) is a virtual manufacturer of branded generic pharmaceutical products used to treat neuroscience-related disorders such as epilepsy and bipolar. With a network of 60–70k pharmacies in the U.S. and the goal to distribute medication globally and especially to underserved parts of the world, this investment supports tens of thousands of people living in poverty in developing countries.

“We envision a world where all people receive the best level of medical and pharmaceutical care regardless of who they are or where they live.” Scott Boyer, Founder and President - OWP

Pipeline Opportunities

Investors and clients continue to recognize Talanton for its thorough due diligence processes and commitment to its standards and business parameters.

Our robust demand–pull investment pipeline includes many exciting investment opportunities, including these top prospects:

• Mining and refining business of a rare transition metal—ethical & certified conflict-free

• Horticultural processing and exporting business

• Supplier of covered rollers and print consumables

• Manufacturer of energy efficient and affordable appliances

We have screened several hundred businesses, closely evaluating nearly 70, with many currently in various stages of due diligence. Covid restrictions have impacted our rigorous evaluation pace, yet the additional time enables us to focus on businesses projected to achieve a triple bottom line return—financial, spiritual and social.

Active Investment Highlights

Talanton is committed to providing ongoing guidance, encouragement and prayer after the initial investment for each of the eight businesses in its portfolio. This contributes to the success of these relationships and their business results – and are key differentiators from other investment funds. Talanton Partners Harry Turner, Jon Halverson and Iris Wen serve on client boards.

The entrepreneurs and management teams of each of these job-creating businesses are bringing Hope to thousands of people in East Africa who have been living in desperate poverty. Click here to learn more about these exciting businesses and how they are making a difference.

Educor – Early Childhood Education School System in Kenya providing high-quality Christian education in lower-middle-class communities.

Kentegra – Biotechnology firm in Kenya that works with thousands of farmers to produce an organic pesticide for global markets.

Long Miles Coffee – Producer and exporter of specialty coffee from Burundi and Kenya to craft roasters worldwide.

Masaka Creamery – Rwandan high-quality dairy processing business that employs the Deaf to produce and distribute yogurt, butter, cream and other dairy products.

Moko Home + Living – Kenyan- based mattress and home furnishing manufacturer and retailer some call the “IKEA of East Africa.”

Rabboni Group Ltd. - Agricultural processing and trading company in Uganda that integrates smallholder farmers with food manufacturers and ultimately supermarkets in East Africa.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how you can work with us to create jobs and bring Hope to thousands of God’s children in need.

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

God’s blessings,

David and the Talanton Team

P.S. Talanton’s next investment cycle closes on September 30. You can join the growing community committed to bringing Hope and transforming lives across East Africa. Please contact us to explore how to use a donor-advised fund to invest, to donate, or if you are a qualified client investor.


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